What Are The UT Vols Thinking?

It’s pretty much a given that each and every industry is looking for ways to recoup devastating economic losses. I have to tell you though, it utterly and completely amazes me some of the decisions made.   DanceDivaM has the story that UT wants to make members of the media pay to watch football scrimmages.


UT, in its infinite wisdom, is attempting to recoup some revenue by charging members of the media fifty bucks for access to “an otherwise closed football scrimmage.”
scrimmage.  For $50.  For real.
Climer wonders,
If it’s $50 to attend a scrimmage, is a one-on-one interview after the Orange & White Game going to run you a couple of hundred?
And where exactly does this money go? Does it help cover the cell phone bills for UT’s three senior associate athletics directors, 10 associate athletics directors and eight assistant athletics directors?
Or maybe UT figured it needed a separate fund to help pay off all those buyouts to coaches that are no longer on the premises.

Yeah, I realize it isn’t a new concept or anything, and I realize that the money has to come from somewhere and they really don’t want to go back to the fans or season ticket-holders again.  But the media?  Really?
David Climer is right. Dooley is creating “billable hours” to the media. I wonder if that includes bloggers too? News, especially sports news, is big business and you would think that Dooley would want writers to be writing about the team instead of them writing about the financial aspect of the team. It’s a corporate-based decision instead of utilizing “free” coverage that will create goodwill for the Vols.
It never ceases to amaze me that corporations will throw community-building out the back door for a few dollars.

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