Weak TEA

Southern Beale has taken a deeper look at the TEA Party movement and found it lacking.

It seems to me the only electoral “victory” our media can point to for the Tea Party is Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts. While the Tea Party Express endorsed him, Brown himself never claimed to be part of the movement, and has thrown the Tea Party under the bus by voting for the despised $15 billion jobs bill and declining to appear at a Tea Party rally with Sarah Palin. If this is the Tea Party’s big “win” the honemoon is clearly over.

The indictment is far more extensive than this quote, and is worth a thorough examination. In the end, I think it affirms something many political observers have thought, but that the mainstream media is unwilling to admit, that the TEA Party movement’s “power” is the overblown creation of the media, and will eventually fall victim to the same fate that other “movements” have that ultimately offer no solutions to current problems.

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  1. April 13, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Thanks, Steve! Glad you agree with me.

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