That’s What She Said … And She Was Right

And Liz Garrigan is right.

Bloggers have been saying this for a couple of years. (Well, I said it in 2007. Self-link, bad form. I know, I know … but I have a point.)  How can we reestablish industrial recruitment and maintain some semblance of economic development when we keep making bone-headed moves.

Hospitality? Just when we thought the black cloud was dissipating from a series of highly publicized gutter attacks on the first family — the “spook” email from a state legislative staffer, the group of Tennessee lawmakers who channeled the federal birthers by filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court asking to have President Obama declared an illegal alien and stripped of his presidential powers, Chip Saltsman’s “Barack the Magic Negro” CD, the state GOP’s “Anti-Semites for Obama” press release, etc. — the imbecility among us presented itself again in March, when the state’s top hospitality industry executive sent an email to a dozen other powerful people comparing the first lady to Tarzan’s Cheetah. Because, you know, nothing says “visit Tennessee” quite like comparing Harvard-educated Michelle Obama to a chimp.

Quality of life? The Tennessee General Assembly, ostensibly representative of our citizenry, is most distinguished by its knack for self-sabotage.

Garrigan is so on point here. The thing is when are our legislators and business leaders of the state going to get it.

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  1. April 18, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Yup, I read Liz Garrigan’s column and she had me cheering. It’s what we’ve ALL been saying for months. With Tennessee looking like a state full of recidivist, birther yahoos, I can’t imagine any business thinking they’ll find the educated workforce and livable cities for their employees. Unemployment still exceeds national levels here but hey, we’ve got guns in bars and gay bashing and Christ-lovin’ and that’s all that matters. Bread and circuses.

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