Tennessee Bill Could Deny Contraceptives

From Think Progress.

Last night, the Tennessee House of Representatives approved HB 2681, a measure that would prohibit insurers from offering abortion services within the exchange and could possibly deny coverage to common contraceptives. Sponsors of the abortion measure maintained that their bill would only prohibit tax dollars from funding abortions in the exchange, but the measure’s broad language — it says, “No health care plan required to be established in this state through an exchange” — would deny women the right to purchase coverage for abortions (including Hyde-exempted abortions) with private dollars in the exchange and could significantly disadvantage women who need to obtain an abortion in instances of rape, incest or if their life is in danger.

You can see the video right here.

According to the story at Think Progress, Rep. Matthew Hill went on to make various statements regarding the bill and as you can see in the video, Rep. Jeanne Richardson tried to talk to him about the details of the bill as well.

In fact, the House rejected an amendment clarifying that women would be able to buy supplementary abortion coverage with private dollars in the exchange. Rep. Matthew Hill, the bill’s sponsor, argued that women whose life was in danger or those who became pregnant a result of incest or rape “would be able to pay with a private insurance plan, they would be able to pay out of pocket, if they were indigent, TennCare would allow for that to take place.” He was also unmoved by appeals from his Republican colleagues who argued forcing some women to pay for Hyde abortions out of pocket could threaten women’s lives, as some would surely find the proceudre cost prohibitive, particularly if they had health complications that dramatically in creased the price.

Matthew Hill’s brother, Timothy, is currently seeking Jason Mumpower’s seat.

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