Save Our Money and Still “Benefit”

Aunt B. has a prediction, and some advice for our state legislators.

Because, let me tell you something–if a bunch of states bring a lawsuit against the federal government and the Supreme Court were to rule (which they will not in this case, but let’s just say…) that the underlying issue is unconstitutional, it is unconstitutional. Not just for those states, but for the whole nation.

This means that we do NOT have to be a party to those lawsuits in order to benefit from them, if they go our way (whatever way “our” way is in this case). So, you can hate health care reform all you want and still take the position that we should stay out of the lawsuits and leave it to people who think they have money to burn to advance the cause.

Wish them well, hope and pray they succeed, but keep our money in our pockets.

I love it when an echo chamber emerges.

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