Ron Ramsey, Failing Forward

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey is busy. Not only is he Lt. Governor, but also Speaker of the Senate, and he’s running for the Republican nomination for Governor.

Busy, busy, busy.

Apparently, Governor Phil Bredesen has noticed, and thinks it’s high time Ramsey tackle the job he has now, rather than spend so much time focusing on the job he wants.

From the article:

“For the next month or so while the Legislature’s here, I need a little more Ron Ramsey the speaker than Ron Ramsey the gubernatorial candidate,” Bredesen told reporters after a prayer breakfast on Tuesday.

Ramsey, a Blountville auctioneer, is among three Republicans seeking to succeed the term-limited governor. He has spoken out against Bredesen’s plan to lift the state’s sales tax cap on big ticket items to bridge an $85 million budget gap.

“I certainly understand if you’re running for governor you want to take positions,” Bredesen said. “At the same time, if you’re a sitting official with the state, I think he needs to engage with this issue.”

So how does one ask for a new and better job, when they’re falling down on the one they have now?

Good question…

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