Morning Coffee – Mule Day Edition

“It is right and just that the lowly mule be thus honored.” ~ Paris Post Intelligencer, 1938

King Mule and the Mule Queen

In many ways, today is the day that Columbia, Tn celebrates the Mule with a parade led by Naomi Judd, small-town life and some kick-ass music. Mule Day is a hootenanny of epic proportions and it’s also the time where politicians gather together. They do. It’s sort of a wide-open secret that candidates are going to go to the land of Lincoln (Davis) and stump on the parade route. If you are following the gubernatorial race, you can see all the candidates at once.

Mule Day is a big deal that doesn’t look like a big deal when it comes to politics. Of course the first days of this festival really had nothing to do with politicking. Basically, it just celebrated the mule, as the animal was vital in carrying the heavy load in farming before farm implements replaced them.

What you may not know is that way back in 2006 during the Days of Bush, Mule Day was put on a list by Homeland Security as a potential terrorist target. Mules apparently piss off terrorists for some reason.  It may be a George Washington thing because he is credited with owning the first mules here in the good old U. to the S. to the A.  Yes, here at Speak to Power we offer mindless trivia to our readers but on the other hand, it is kind of interesting to note that roughly 200,000 people attend Mule Day each year during the entire week of festivities.

That’s a lot of hand shaking and baby smooching, campers. As we are doing festival history this morning, Mule Day started in 1840. In 1938, the city of Paris, seeing the success of Mule Day, started their own festival which is now known in the west side of the state as the “World’s Biggest Fish Fry” and they did it because of the Columbia event.

Ahh, history, you wily beast, how I adore you.

Now on to what’s going on this morning on this sunny spring day.

Get out in the sunshine campers. This is the time of year that Tennessee is fantastic. And lift your hopps and barley of choice in honor of the lowly mule, who has its own day. Go Mule Go!

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