Morning Coffee – Hootsylvania Edition

For those of you that are following along on the twitter, several of us were up in Hoots this weekend, plotting our reign of terror. Actually, for the most part we were just hangin’ out. I would post a picture and all, but since much of the discussions were top secret, I would hate to lose a finger over such a transgression. I type slow enough as it is.

So, instead, here’s a picture of some catfish. Maybe this will make you forget just how terribly frightened you are of the thought of a blogger dominated world.

Or not…

Time for some coffee!

Apparently we have another dubious distinction, to add to our list.

But thankfully, we’re not on this list.

Do our country’s sentencing laws amount to the modern equivalent of Jim Crow? Watch and decide for yourself.

Drama erupts in the Shelby County Commission race.

If you want to know what really went down in Hoots this weekend, check LWC, he has a good account.

Ok, have a good day! Mine’s gonna be busy as all get out!

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