Morning Coffee – Finals Edition

An Accurate Dramatization Of Steve Ross

You can look at this a couple of different ways. It’s the final day of the workweek, it’s the final day of the month or it’s my cohort, Steve Ross’ first day of finals at the University of Memphis.

I’m old enough not to have finals anymore. As we get older, it is called a deadline with the test score reflecting whether or not we remain unemployed. However, it is Friday which does make things a little bit brighter.

In other news, it is my dad and Merrill Osmond’s birthday. I feel ole Merrill got the short end of the stick so I’m calling it Merrill Osmond Day just because I can.

It was a big day of politics last night. Gubernatorial forums, District 08 forums and Jimmy Naifeh’s Coon Supper, but apparently what happens at the coon supper stays at the coon supper because I can’t find anything about it this morning.

Let’s get to it.

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