Morning Coffee – Early Voting Edition

Today marks the first day of early voting in the state’s largest county, Shelby, for County Primary races.

From my perspective the primary season, outside of the countywide races, has been a little muted. Maybe it’s because my Commission District doesn’t have a single Democratic Primary Candidate. Yeah, that probably has something to do with it, but some of the other district races are pretty active.

On the Democratic Primary Ballot, if you live in District 2 or District 3 you have some choices to make. But no District primary is more crowded than the District 2 position 3 race. With 6 people running for that position voters have a lot of choices in front of them.

Other races of note are District 3 position 2, which pits Sidney Chism against Andrew Whithers. You may recall that Chism launched some allegations at Rep. Steve Cohen about this earlier in the week. Also District 3 Position 3 may be interesting, pitting two people, Edith Moore and Justin Ford, who both sought appointment to the seat in the wake of Joe Ford’s appointment to County Mayor. Ms. Moore won the appointment.

Then, of course there’s the County Mayor’s race. We had the pleasure of full participation by the Democratic Primary candidates last week with our 10 questions series.

You can view the primary ballot here.

Early voting locations and times can be found here.

On to the coffee!

Your Liberal Friends have come to the conclusion that some in state elected office just don’t like the poor people.

Southern Beale has an indictment for that darn liberal media.

GoldinI finds some friends for the more reactionary elements in Tennessee. Hey guys, meet Nebraska and Kansas!

Jackson Baker reports on Zach Wamp’s commitment to a “Memphis Renaissance”. Renaissance is a pretty big word for a guy whose name consists of two four letter words…

And finally, that Bass Pro Deal may not be the vaporware we thought it was. I’m still not convinced until they actually open the dang thing.

Alright, get out there and enjoy your day, it’s supposed to be beautiful across the state, even if the pollen is like sandpaper in my eyes.

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