Morning Coffee – Did You Get the Number of that Truck Edition

Folks, I’m here to tell you that at some point in the last week, I ran out of places to notice any new tire tracks that might have appeared on my person.

Yeah, that’s right, I feel “runt over” in a couple of ways that I’m not entirely ready to deal with right now, but let’s just say I’ll be glad when May 4th is here and finals are over. I need a break.

We’re gonna keep this short and sweet this morning, because I’ve got more things on my plate than a contestant in a pancake stacking competition.

Time for the Coffee…

Braisted and GoldnI talk about the Yarbro/Henry primary and SJR127. Phrase of both posts:”rape, it ain’t what it used to be”. *sigh*

I think I’ll call this post the “Frog Jump Stomp”.

Meet your Tennessee Highway Patrol Dispatcher and Trooper of the year. *cue the music*

Yesterday we talked about Chickens and healthcare. Mike Bell thinks it works better with veggies.

Try to have fun out there today. The weekend is just around the corner.

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