Morning Coffee – Daytime Napper Edition

Most days, I need a nap. Even thought I don’t get one.

Usually it happens right around 1pm. My belly full of whatever it is I just had for lunch, my eyelids get heavy, and given the opportunity, I would totally fall asleep. Unfortunately, that opportunity doesn’t present itself all that often.

Personally, I think we as a nation should institute the mandatory optional nap. Basically, all employers would be required to allow an hour of paid nap time at some point in the normal work shift of a person. However, it would be up to the individual as to whether they actually took the nap or not. See, Mandatory optional.

I like it.

If I ever have employees again, I’ll institute the mandatory optional nap at my workplace. No question about it.

People need naps. That’s all I’m saying.

But right now, I need to wake up, so on to the coffee!

TNGOP Strategery Revealed: Keep ’em dumb so they’ll keep voting for us. Your Liberal Friends has the full theory.

Nativism FAIL: A State Senate Committee passes an “English Only” bill…with exceptions. Only one Democrat voted for it. Aunt B. says this one Democrat is someone we can feel “deeply ambivalent about”

Change of heart: It seems a bill to study Medical Marijuana that failed just a week ago may have new life.

Bored Geek: Jensized takes a look at the lay of the land on the David Kernell case and calls it what it is; The word “hacking” implies something sinister but this sounds a little bit to me like a bored geek who thought “I bet I could figure out her password.” The jury is still out and will resume deliberations today.

Backroom Deal: Remember in the Republican mindset they are bad when they deal with healthcare, but just fine when they deal with financial reform.

Alright, get out there and be a productive member of society or something…or just nap it out.

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