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Faint Gray Lines at Your Liberal Friends gives props to Rep. Jeanne Richardson for standing up for women’s reproductive rights last week and is keeping her eye on Democrats who voted for Matthew Hill’s fiasco of a bill last week.

Maybe access to affordable contraception is irrelevant or unimportant to the folks in power – the forced-birthers on the other side of the aisle, or the increasingly gray and overwhelmingly male Democrats on the Hill – but to me and to my husband, twenty-somethings trying to build our careers and pay down student loan debt before we grow our family? To thousands of Tennessee mothers and fathers trying to weather this recession and provide for the children already here? It is important to us and to them.

Not only is she talking about this, she has a list of the democrats that have foolishly voted for this pile of dribble. She rightfully calls it grandstanding, which is what it appears Rep. Hill had in mind.

Rep. Richardson was having no part of this foolishness and deserves a high five from everyone in the state.

Background here on HB 2681.

And for the record, this story has gotten no press from around the state in traditional media outlets.

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