John Ensign (R-NV) Only Raises $50 In Campaign Contributions

But, campers, Ensign made a $5000 donation to Gubernatorial candidate Zack Wamp after allegations and the confession of an affair erupted for Ensign after the C-Street scandal

Sandy at Southern Liberal Living writes:

Campaigns are required to file for donations $200 or above, but I suppose if you don’t have any of those, you might as well report something, as opposed to nothing. Most Senators are raising millions right now, and Ensign would too, if he weren’t caught up on in the C-Street ethics scandal and a lobbying scandal involving his mistress and her husband. Sen. Ensign shared a house with Rep. Wamp, who is running for Governor of Tennessee.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The campaign finance report covering January through March was evidence that Ensign’s political prospects continue to fall in the wake of his admitted affair, and the ethics and criminal investigations it has spawned.

The once rising Republican star has raised less than $35,000 in political contributions since July, shortly after he admitted he had an extramarital relationship with Cindy Hampton, a former campaign aide who was a friend of Ensign’s wife.

Under normal circumstances, a senator can raise that amount in an afternoon making phone calls.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Zack Wamp would keep a campaign contribution given to him by Bart Stupak.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp says he sees no problem keeping a $2,500 contribution from the political action committee of Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, even though the two congressmen and former housemates ended up on opposite sides of the vote on the health care overhaul.


Wamp has also declined to return a $5,000 contribution from Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who has been under scrutiny for his efforts to find lobbying work for the husband of his former mistress.

Interesting to see how this is going to play out. The news of Ensign’s donation to Wamp isn’t new news, but it’s still compelling that this story does continue. I can’t help but wonder why Wamp didn’t return the favor.

Rachel Maddow is on the case of The C-Street Band.

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