Internet Report From Roane County

As I also live in a rural county, I feel onetahita’s frustration regarding Internet service. A revelation occurred recently when it was realized that even one company didn’t understand that not only do users need to clear their caches, but so does the service they use, in this case Hughes.

Those of us in the rural areas of Roane County and environs, except the very lucky, must make do with dial-up Internet or, if we have the funds, satellite service from Hughes or WildBlue.

In our house we chose Hughes years ago. We noticed that many less popular sites would give us DNS errors if we hadn’t accessed them recently, or sometimes give a very old version of the pages instead of fresh content.

The issue came down to that despite all good intentions of many companies that supply Internet services to rural areas, we are still on a learning curve apparently. It may not seem like a big deal to folks who have access to Broadband, but for those of us who occasionally have sketchy service, it’s frustrating.

The issue of Broadband access is one that we are hearing from a lot of the candidates right now. For rural Tennesseans, it’s crucial. Assignments for students are now online (it’s not just us pesky bloggers), business is operating more and more online, even in less populated areas and spotty service can present challenges.

This is why spotlighting how we are all learning, despite our location, is very important.

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