Guess What’s To the Right of Fox News?

Guess which television news network may no longer be considered the most right-leaning network after this summer?

That’s right. Fox News is about to get some competition for those conservative Nielsen family eyeballs.

Comcast is planning to launch a new channel named the Right Network.

The new channel is using Kelsey Grammer – yep Frasier and Sideshow Bob – as the face and voice of its debut.

The network is touting shows mixing politics, pundits and poker. There is also a reality show about a half dozen first-time candidates called “Running.” In addition to coverage of the Tea Party’s bus tour, right-leaning stand-up comedy is also in the mix.

Glenn Beck and that Fox crowd may have a run for their money in wooing the Tea Party viewers.

Queerty has more about the Right Network.

1 comment for “Guess What’s To the Right of Fox News?

  1. grandefille
    April 19, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    I for one already imagine most news about the Tea Party/iers read in a Sideshow Bob voice, so why not make it official?

    You all might find this mp3 as amusing as I did … or WILL YOU? (muwhaha)

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