Americans Dumped Off Unemployment Benefits Today

No one ever expects to lose their jobs. Sometimes I wonder if a Congressman or a Senator had to go through what average Americans who unexpectedly faced unemployment would do if they didn’t have the luxury of things like, oh, I don’t know, a spring break that lasts a month.

Extended unemployment benefits will temporarily expire for thousands of Americans on Monday because the Senate went on its spring recess without approving a one-month deadline extension.

The extension, which had bipartisan support, would have cost about $10 billion, but a lone Republican, Sen. Tom Coburn, said no until the costs are offset.

The Oklahoma senator objected to a commonly used unanimous-consent agreement to pass the bill under emergency conditions, even if it increases the federal deficit. Coburn wants to eliminate additional government spending to pay for the bill.

Democrats are furious. And they should be. We need a Sherry Jones right now to tell Sen. Tom Coburn the best line of the Tennessee session this year thus far.

“How do you expect people to eat.”

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