Roy Herron comments on Mercer’s drop-out in TN-08, shouldn’t Democrats be concerned?

Via Nicholas Beadle’s MOTION CARRIED blog in the Jackson Sun, we have Roy Herron’s presser on the decision of Luther Mercer to drop of the Democratic race for TN-08:


DRESDEN – Congressional candidate Roy Herron today issued the following statement about Luther Mercer’s announcement that he will not run for Congress:

“I have known and worked with Luther Mercer and his family for many years. His mother, Shirlene, served our congressional district for over two decades as a member of Congressman Tanner’s staff where she worked tirelessly to improve and enhance the quality of life for our people. Her efforts to curb crime in Jackson drew support from Democratic and Republican Governors, legislators, and local officials as well community leaders. That is exactly the kind of bipartisan approach our country yearns for and Luther Mercer represents a new generation of leadership that reflects those values,” Herron said.

“Luther Mercer offered a thoughtful discussion about the need for solid educational opportunities and personal responsibility as a critical part of the solution to our economic problems.”

Not that this should have surprised anyone, as Mercer got in late and found that he could not raise enough money to compete, but this DOES deprive Western Division Democrats of a real conversation regarding the replacement of John Tanner.  If there’s ANYTHING Western Division Democrats need right now, it’s a conversation as to where we are going and how we are going to get there.

Related: STP spoke to Mercer while he was on the campaign trail.

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