Mourning Coffee – Holy Crap Edition

Trace & Kleinheider Enjoy a BeveragePhoto by Gingersnaps

When news broke yesterday about the layoff of A. C. Kleinheider and six other journalists from SouthComm, I was shocked, but not terribly surprised.

The print world has been a long suffering industry, and even though Kleinheider worked on the internet end of the business, it was just a matter of time before downward pressure on the print end led to layoffs on the web end.

Last night bloggers across the state wrote about the loss of an important voice in the Tennessee political blogoshpere.

We had some thoughts to share too.

Post Politics will continue under the direction of JR Lind and his team, but, and no offense meant to anyone, it won’t be the same.

Good luck Kleinheider. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you back on the interwebs real soon.

Ok, I need some coffee, and for the love of God don’t be shy with the Irish Whiskey!

Speaking of God, if you’re in Memphis and wondering what the area churches are doing to celebrate Holy Week, check out this list from Memphis Connect.

From the You’ve gotta be freakin’ kidding me department. The father of a fallen soldier in Iraq is ordered to pay legal fees for protesters at his son’s funeral.

From the Stop it, I’m a visual person department. Republicans Gone Wild. I wonder if this bill was introduced with protecting us from the video that most certainly exists. I think it’s funny that top GOPers are demanding Steele’s resignation. Guess they felt left out.

This is a crime? I had no idea.

Ok, you guys be safe out there. As for me, I’m checking into rehab now to beat the rush. I think I’ll be seeing a lot of my interweb friends there soon.

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