Morning Coffee-The Legend Of Boggy Creek Edition

Good morning campers to Monday where the thought of the day is that we will be fearless against monsters. You might be wondering where that is coming from so I’ll tell you a quick story about how the director of The Legend of Boggy Creek, who also write the famous Dirty Harry line, “To ahead and make my day” died in a nursing home on Friday in Dover. His name was Charles B. Pierce and hailed from Arkansas, the home state of our very own Steve Ross. Pierce made movie-making a hell of a lot more fun for me when I was a kid. He is considered one of the first independent filmmakers and decided to settle later in life in Dover, which he loved according to news reports.

Who knew. I sure didn’t and it just goes to show there are a lot of hidden treasures hidden beneath the surface in this fine state.

Let’s see what the week has in store for us, or at least, let’s plan on heading to Happy Hour early in case it turns into a typical case of the Mondays.

And RIP, Mr. Pierce. Thanks for all you did for making life a little bit better.

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