Morning Coffee – March Madness Edition

Don't mistake this image to mean anything other than I needed a basketball image...Got it?

Yes, it’s March Madness time, but I’m not really talking about basketball. Sure, the tournament is going on, and lots of people are taking lots of time off work and other responsibilities to load up on college basketball before it goes away until the fall.

Nope, while I love me some basketball, what’s been going on this week in Tennessee politics has completely dominated my attention.

It all started when House Democratic Caucus Chair Mike Turner threw down the gauntlet and the caucus rallied around him. From my perspective, this week has been a good week to be a Democrat in Tennessee.

But, if you’re so glued to the little tournament going on right now, take a moment to read about the pride one team’s alum feels, even in the face of defeat.

Alright, gimmie some Coffee!!

The surprise retirement of House Republican Leader Jason Mumpower had the intertubes abuzz yesterday. It also had potential candidates scrambling to get it together. Tom Humphrey reports that a friend of House Speaker Kent Williams, who defeated Mumpower last year in a bid for the Speakership, is looking at the race, so is Timmothy Hill brother of Rep. Matthew Hill. You can follow all the action at the Sullivan County Election Commission site.

In other news, as Braisted reported yesterday, Republican candidate for Governor, Bill Gibbons has a presser to announce asignificant campaign update today. WREG reports that he’ll drop out of the race. Probably a good thing since he wasn’t even included in a poll by a right leaning polling outfit. ZZ Top was not available for comment.

AC endorses McWherter. Of course, that announcement got lost in the whole Mumpower flap.

Aunt B details the lengths to which a Campbell County GOP official will go to get a date. I’m gonna need an extra shower to was all the creepy off after reading that one.

The TVA is trying to avoid a deposition for their CEO. Can you smell the fear?

Chances are,you’re making less money. Ain’t that the truth!

Speaking of making less money, management at the CA has made their final offer to employees. In case you weren’t sure, that’s what spurred this commentary.

Seperated at birth?

US House Majority Whip Eric Cantor is looking to place blame for all the threats of political violence going on. Verdict, blame the victim. Next up, he reprises his role as Dr. Egon Spengler in the upcoming Ghostbusters III movie. (ht to the twitterverse for that one)

Ok people, it’s the last regular work day of the week. Get through it as fast as you can. That’s my plan, at least.

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