Morning Coffee – Basking in the Afterglow Edition

Yes, they've been doing this for nearly 3 years now

Well, not everyone is. I am, and lots of my friends are, but the GOP? Not so much. Check out this little missive from the Shelby County GOP. Cute guys…errr, your creativity has expired.

Word on the street is that President Obama will sign the bill passed by the House on Sunday some time today (Note: I don’t get why people think they can just call him “Obama” and not “President Obama”, but then I also don’t get why these guys think they can quote him without proper attribution. That’s a story for another day.)

There are some immediate benefits that we will see before the entire bill is implemented in 2014.

House Democratic Caucus Chair Mike Turner was all over the news yesterday, but calling BS on the motivation behind this bill has brought him some blogger love. Time to crack the whip!

Conflicting statements?


Ugh again

Could buying into Medicare be the next step?

In other news…

The Tigers apparently didn’t win a single game in 2007-2008. Why isn’t Cal reaping some of these rewards?

Next up – Comprehensive Financial Reform? Boehner is buying more tan in a can in anticipation.

Manufacturing is a bright spot here in Memphis.

Wharton Floats a budget.

Ok, it’s time to head to the workhole then school then back to the workhole. What a life! Have a great day and celebrate the end of your pre-existing conditions screwing up your access to insurance.

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