Gubernatorial Happenings Abound!

Why is it that as soon as I have to go to work, things start hitting and I miss them. I gotta get my schedule changed…

First there was this revelation that a poll had been conducted for the Clarksville Mayor’s post. The names polled included Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Kim McMillan. As the article states, McMillan denies any involvement in the poll. The results, and individuals who paid for the poll are, at this point, unknown, but just under an hour later, the current Mayor did announce that he wouldn’t seek another term.

So there’s intrigue in the air.

It’s almost more interesting to me that the poll was conducted by an outfit in Idaho. Guess the political class is a little too cozy to do it closer to home.

MWRC recently did a poll for J Street, but it’s not known for sure if they have any particular ideological bent or not.

A quick search of the TREF disclosure database came up with no records for the company. However, with State financial disclosures due April 12th, we may know soon just where the poll came from.

On the other side of the Democratic Primary, candidate Mike McWherter reportedly loaned his campaign $1m, but he also got some props, wrapped in a light snark glaze, from Pith contributor, Jeff Woods. From his missive:

Gov. Phil Bredesen may think this lawsuit by some states to block health care reform is legit and reasonable, but at a candidate forum, McWherter disagreed. He called the health care overhaul “the law of the land” and criticized Republicans for demanding that Tennessee join the lawsuit against it:

“Access to affordable, adequate health care is something that every Tennessean ought to have. And this should not be an issue that we politically grandstand about. Wamp is about to tell you something about you can meet them at the state line and how he’s going to fight this issue all the way through. But that is not how you solve problems.”

The filing deadline is Thursday. By the 8th we’ll know who’s in and who’s out for sure and by the week of the 12th we’ll know how much money they have. After next week, there’s no turning back.

Good luck, and Godspeed to both of the candidates.

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