Giving You a Voice on Annexation

That’s what a proposal approved by a Metro Charter Commission task force would do, if approved by the entire Commission. From the article in the CA:

“If we make it where people in the reserve areas have to vote to be included, residents would like that,” said Chris Patterson, who along with County Commissioner J.W. Gibson II, favored the idea of the referendum vote to be annexed.

City Council member Jim Strickland, the third member of the task force, was unable to attend the meeting, but supported the same idea earlier this week. “That would be a huge change,” he said.

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“I’ve always heard the complaint that people being annexed had no voice in it,” Strickland said this week. “I’m for allowing them to have a voice.”

While the task force endorsed retaining the future boundaries agreement, there are some legal questions that must be resolved. One is whether the charter can simply allow the agreement to stand or include it in the new charter. Another is whether the referendum vote can be considered.

“It’s the same question — can we do this?” Gibson said. “We get that answered, and we can move on.”

This is a good idea that, if it passes legal muster, could take some of the fear out of the process for areas of unincorporated Shelby County.

The Charter Commission is expected to talk about this issue Thursday at 4pm in the 4th Floor Conference Room.

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