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Adam Kleinheider has been blogging for years. Tennessee political junkies, on the right and the left, have been following him from the days that he had a personal blog to the two years he spent at Volunteer Voters (R.I.P) and the two years he spent at Post Politics. He’s a proud political curmudgeon who could confound both sides of the political aisle which made him somewhat of an enigma. The thing is, my friends, he was, and is, genuinely interested in the state of politics and what political bloggers have to say and, alas, he’s gone.

He’s another journalist/blogger that has been laid-off due to the wonderful times (notice the snark) that we live in as well as what is a time of uncertainty for news organizations. He’s one of the old guard from the days of Nashville is Talking where community was built, then evolved and finally let go.

He’s not the only one that was let go today, but he is the political guy that bloggers, and media/politicians, looked at.  He gave many of us a voice when others would not. Today, profits won out, and it appears that Post Politics will be going to a team blog. I’m sure it will be bright and shiny as well, but we have to look at the man who made it happen as it evolves into something else.

The Tennessean’s In Session opines:

A.C. Kleinheider, the one-man aggregating machine whose blog became one of the most reliable places to find statewide political news, was a victim of layoffs at parent company SouthComm today.

A story posted on SouthComm’s subscription site NashvillePost.com quoted CEO Chris Ferrell as saying seven employees were let go because a company that ran foreclosure notices took its business to another paper.

Tom Humphrey confirmed with Michael Silence that the high profile blogger was, indeed, gone.

JR Lind delivers the news at Post Politics

As you’ve no doubt read by now, Monday has been a day of transition for SouthComm. It’s not been easy. It’s not been fun. It is what it is.

The changes have forced us to make changes everywhere and Post Politics is, obviously, not going to be immune to them.

This blog, which so many of you have come to rely on for political news from Nashville and beyond, will change, yes.

For one, it’s going to be a team effort.

Nashville Jefferson isn’t pleased with the news.

Kleinheider has always been excellent about posting, not only political news, but education news (when it’s particularly interesting).

GoldnI was making a Passover dish and then heard the news. She says to leave JR be (as we say in the South) and that picking sides isn’t cool or groovy. Both writers have immense talent and value. This is a SouthComm thing, not a Kleinheider/Lind thing. I agree.

The Tennessee tweeters are already starting to take sides between #TeamKleinheider and #TeamJRLind. To me, that’s unfair–while I absolutely will miss Kleinheider, don’t think the site will be the same without him, and really hope he gets a new gig soon so I can continue ribbing on him, none of what happened is JR’s fault. And at any rate, he’s certainly very smart and well-qualified for the job. I wish him the best and look forward to seeing what he does with the place.
Naomi Snyder puts this in perspective. This isn’t the first round of layoffs at SouthComm and it came down to lost advertising revenue.
The news follows an earlier round of 16 layoffs last fall after SouthComm had purchased the Nashville Scene.
Among those who lost their jobs Monday was the Nashville Post’s politics blogger, A.C. Kleinheider.
Others included The City Paper’s former managing editor Vincent Troia, Titans beat reporter Terry McCormick and entertainment reporter Ron Wynn.SouthComm CEO Chris Ferrell told the Nashville Post in a story published on its Web site that none of the nine publications are at risk and the company remains strong overall.
Eric Barnes, the new publisher of Westview, a community weekly in Bellevue, said his publication ran about 10 pages of foreclosure notices last Friday under contract with the law firm Wilson & Associates, which had previously used The City Paper for such ads.
Barnes’ Memphis-based company, The Daily News Publishing Co., acquired the Westview for an undisclosed sum last month.
And that is what it comes down to.23 employess gone in the last year at SouthComm.
Why? Profits.
Adam joins others today who have to go home and tell their families that they are unemployed.
We wish them all well.
And to Adam, thank you for everything. I think your time at home will be very short.
You will be back on your feet in no time.

5 comments for “Evening Bourbon – The Political Blogosphere Changed Today

  1. stevesteffens
    March 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    Agreed with that, Trace. We know how aggressive the Daily News is becoming; the link in your earlier piece says that MDN plans to take THE WESTVIEW county-wide. What better way to get eyeballs hopping to their new location that to pick up a certain blogger and beat SouthComm over the head with him?

    ACK, we're all pulling for you, as well as for JR, Woods and Ken, who now have the unfortunate task of trying to follow you.

  2. AndyAxel
    March 29, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    As WKRN learned before, this will be seen as a horrible, horrible mistake.

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