Broadcast Bill on the Air Again

Putting his ample campaign treasury to use, Broadcast Bill Haslam is back up on the air with another commercial. Tom Humphrey has the story:

The first round of ads featured a 60-second commercial introducing Haslam to Tennessee voters as a businessman and a proven executive who created jobs and met payroll as president of his family’s business, and as the successful mayor of Knoxville.

The second ad, a 30-second spot, focuses on Haslam’s personal, spiritual and civic life as a father of three, devoted husband of 29 years, and active church and community leader who is campaigning for governor by knocking on doors neighborhood by neighborhood statewide.

The script of the second ad is narrated by Bill Landry, who since 1984 has been the voice of the Heartland Series, a volume of more than 1,800 stories about interesting Tennessee people, history and places and produced by WBIR-TV in Knoxville. The script reads:

“What kind of man knocks on doors? Pouring rain, or sun is shining, to talk about being governor. The kind that marries his college sweetheart, loves her even more twenty-nine years later. Bible study every week. A father of three, helped raise ’em right. Coached a lot of kids sports teams. That’s Bill Haslam. That’s Tennessee.”

Broadcast Bill is trying hard to help people forget about his “success in tapping a few well-heeled donors that he knew through his family‚Äôs business connections” read, Mayor for Millionaires, and the fact that he has no intentions of placing his Pilot Oil assets in a blind trust.

Yeppers, that’s a man of the people if I’ve ever seen one.

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