When Would You Like Your Election to Be?

The Memphis Daily News tackles an issue that we all probably should have seen coming at the time, but didn’t, or didn’t want to, or got caught up in some other controversy at the time…

At issue, a Charter Amendment that passed in 2008 that would re-adjust Memphis City elections to even, rather than odd years. In order to accomplish that, the amendment provided that single member districts, 1-7 would run for a 1 year term in 2011, then have to run again in 2012 for a full 4 year term. Super Districts 8 and 9, the Mayor, and the City Clerk would run for a 3 year term in 2011, and then a 4 year term in 2014. Once that reset occurrs, City elections would be held every 2 years, with the normal November general election, alternating between single member and “Super” districts.

It’s easy to understand why some, particularly those serving in single member districts, would be unhappy. Gearing up, and running for a 1 year term in 2011, only to turn around and have to do it again in 2012 would suck. That said, there was no real vocal or organized opposition to the charter amendment at the time.

In any case, expect to be voting on this question again, though the question may be moot depending on what happens with the Metro Charter vote in November.

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