Talking Online Life At The Nashville Feed

Self-promotion alert! (Remember on Seinfeld when Elaine went nuts as an editor adding an exclamation point on every sentence. Good times!)

Betsy Phillips and I spoke with Dave Beronja and Lucas Hendrickson.

In Episode 9 of the Nashville Tech Feed we begin with Lucas giving an update on Podcamp Nashville 2010. Then we go into the topic of Nashville is Talking going dark; it was the end of a web experiment that started in 2005 by WKRN-TV Nashville’s Channel 2. It created community and sometimes controversy among bloggers of all types in Tennessee. Trace Sharp aka “Newscoma” and Betsy Phillips aka “Aunt B” two of the best know Tennessean bloggers join us to talk about what NiT was, what it meant to them, where it went and the state of the Blog-o-sphere along with the news media in general. Finally, we finish off with the launch of which the Tennesseans newspaper aims to fill the void created by the end of NiT.

I appreciate being invited and enjoyed talking with such prolific voices in the Tennessee blogosphere.

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