Taking A Break Or Not

Mr. Mack is taking a good look at his online life. I think what he writes expresses what a great deal of what a lot of bloggers feel these days.

I have dozens of posts languishing in my ‘drafts’ folder.  They will probably remain there, unfinished, and eventually deleted because the subject matter has exceeded it’s shelf-life.    I can’t count how many times I’ve opened my laptop and started furiously typing away about something I’m outraged about, only to find that halfway through, I remember that this will not be important or relevant the next day.  Information flickers across my screen at such speed and volume that I literally cannot give it all the time for proper reflection.  I’ve come to resent the time it takes trying to do that.  Sure, take any event, and I could quickly craft a readable paragraph about it and move on, but the likelihood is that it would be framed in a partisan manner, that is, I would view said event as a Liberal, or as a Democrat, or as a tax-payer, and thus begin my analysis of it from one of those baselines.  I can’t explain why that feels so…flawed, yet it does.

He’s not going away but he’s looking at doing other things besides politics.

He’s not the only middle Tennessee blogger who has embarked on a break recently.

We hope to see these two men back in the fray soon, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do because although we blog, we have lives too.

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