Morning Coffee – Beware the Ides of March Edition

Yeah, I know the Ides of March aren’t for another 15 days. What of it? I can still sound a warning can’t I? Well, as I’m not a soothsayer, mostly because I’m not entirely sure what it would take to say a sooth, I guess I won’t be sounding a warning of impending death doom and destruction. But with all the earthquakes, faux tsunami’s, and other natural disasters that are going around like a virus through a Day Care, you gotta start to wonder if the Mayan’s might have been a couple years off. Maybe they forgot to carry the 1.

Oh, and 15 days from now, when I use the title again, don’t even think about getting any attitude with me. I might just use the same opening paragraph too, but I don’t wanna hear no lip, got it?

Off to the Coffee…

Don’t say she didn’t warn you. Southern Beale told you there was something wrong with those cookies. A sure sign that the end is neigh is when those delicious cookies suddenly aren’t so delicious anymore…Just sayin’.

Sometimes people disagree. Here in Memphis, when we disagree we engage in feats of strength to see who wins. Sorry, but the rest is classified.

Blame Storming.

If Kleinheider were writing this headline it would go something like “Shadow Party”. I think I’ll go with We have a PAC!.

Herron’s working it to find out how the jobs market is. Verdict…not so good.

They’re not called All Terrain Vehicles for nothing, but seriously, how important is this?

and finally…

Rep. Susan Lynn gets a spread in the Tennessean this morning. I like how the piece starts…”not trying to fight the Civil War again”, yadda, yadda, yadda…*eye roll* I’m just wondering, did the entire piece show up in the print edition, because if it did, there’s reason #1 that newspapers are having troubles…I keed.

Ok, it’s supposed to be nice outside today, so get yer patootie out there and enjoy it. As for me, I got book learnin’ to do, and about 50 bags of leaves to haul to the curb that have been sitting in my back yard driveway since December. Like they say, “Laziness is it’s own reward”.

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