More on the Ritz Complaint

Jackson Baker takes a look at the issues surrounding the complaint filed my Shelby County Commissioner Mike Ritz (8.3mb PDF).

With the Med in financial crisis, and with a beleaguered county government (which just upped its own contributions from $27 million to $37 million) getting no or minimal help from equally strapped city and state governments, Ritz has just stepped out of formation and thrown what is either a Hail Mary or a bomb. He has intervened directly with the federal government — filing a “civil rights discrimination complaint” against the state of Tennessee and the federal Department of Health and Human Services itself.

I don’t think anyone knows how this will really play out over the coming months, but it’s an interesting step in a process that may well shed some light on the process of compensating publicly owned hospitals for uncompensated care. A process that has been anything but transparent.

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