Miserable Memphis

Forbes magazine has dubbed Memphis the Third Most Miserable City in America.

Now look, top ten lists are the stuff of late-night TV, and grocery store image peddlers, not Forbes. Maybe I give them too much credit.

But when Memphis Police Director, Larry Godwin says

I’d like to rank them. I rank them as the worst magazine and company I’ve ever seen because I don’t know where they get their stats,” Godwin said. “I would hope our citizens would look at this and say, ‘Eh, don’t come here.’”

I have to do a little happy dance in my head.

Yeah, Memphis has problems, just like every other place, in every other state, in every other nation that I’ve ever visited in my life. Yeah, I guess if you just focus on the zits you could say we have out of control acne. But there’s a lot going on here in Memphis besides the zits. Ignoring the things that make up a city as a whole is like deciding if someone is attractive or not by looking at their baby toenail (usually the ugliest toenail IMHO).

So while people will try to sell magazines on the back of our past corruption, or past crime rate, or any other metric that ignores any real experience with Memphis as a city, we can always look at them and give ’em the ole one finger salute and say, “We love our city, zits and all, and we’re working to make it better. I’m sorry your magazine is so short sighted that you can’t see that.” And go about our merry way.

Forbes Magazine doesn’t know Memphis. They know their this padded leather chairs in their 5th Avenue, New York City offices. So what if they think Memphis is miserable? Opinions are like…well, you know where I’m going. I hear New Yorkers have lots of opinions…

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